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Liquid Art Photography

You may be familiar with my underwater photography work and maybe less my work about high-speed photography. I discovered this activity in 2012. There's so much fun to play with liquids that I decided to dedicate a specific photography website to different areas of liquid art photography.

You also can follow my work and latest news on my Liquid Art Facebook page and on Instagram. Do not hesitate to contact me, to let me know your feedback about this website and my work. I wish you a pleasant visit and hope you will enjoy browsing this website.


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From underwater photography ... to liquid art photography About me

Water and Me, it's quite a story!

I’m a photographer from the Poitevin region in France, but I’ve been living near Montpellier since 2004. That’s where I first practised underwater photography and made myself known through my macro photography work.

It is for love of water that I became interested in this element in all its forms in 2012. Through my discoveries and experiments, I mastered a new field: liquid art.

My work has been recognised by various publications in the French press (Chasseur d'Images, Réponses Photo), at exhibitions, and promoted through several commercial projects (books, records, advertisements). I also share this burning passion with other specialists in the field around the world, and travel through it.

Omnipresent in our daily lives, water reveals very little of itself. A simple splash seems innocuous, even imperceptible at first glance. Only is by taking a closer look at it can you discover its incredible surprises and its very addictive acidic sensuality.

These fleeting moments, taken on digital film, have been made possible thanks to high-speed photography techniques, an increased knowledge of fluid dynamics, and a thorough mastery of the lighting necessary to highlight the phenomenon. Each shot is unique, irreproducible from one photo to the next, which is what makes it an exciting, inexhaustible art form, full of surprises.

Publications :
Chasseur d'Images n°360 - L'art mécanique des fluides
Réponses Photo n°276 - Photographier au millionième de seconde

Exhibitions :
L'éternité d'un instant - Cabrières (France/Hérault - 2016)
L'éternité d'un instant - Pérols (France/Hérault - 2016)
L'éternité d'un instant - Saint Bauzille de la Sylve (France/Hérault - 2017)
Festimage - Saint Gely Du Fesc (France/Hérault - 2017)
Image(s) in air - La Londe les Maures (France/Var - 2017)

Clients :
Cosmetics : Unilever Dove
Books : 'Cultivating Spiritual Energy' by Beth Quist
Music : Glass Skies CD Cover